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A brief private CURRICULUM VITAE

I was born in 1939 in Görlitz and grew up in Göttingen as the 2nd son of a war widow. Following completion of my medical studies, I married [Dipl. psych.] Brigitta Beck. Together we adopted two boys in 1971/1972, Holger and Kim. In 1979 our daughter, Anna, was born. Our places of residence changed to follow my professional activities, from Homburg/Saar to Kiel (1968-1969), then to Tübingen (1969-1980), Cologne (1980-1990), and finally to Lübeck.

As researcher and director of the Institute of Legal Medicine of the Universities of Lübeck and Kiel, I was responsible for research, teaching, and autopsy findings in the field of forensic pathology. The results of my life as a researcher are available for all to see in the lists of publications linked to the RESEARCH page of this website, where my two main interests - Pathology and Neuropathology – are readily evident. The value of my work as a teacher and forensic pathologist, by contrast, remains the secret of my students, the police, and our public prosecutors.

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All my life I have been interested in the visual arts. Not only have I followed developments in the visual arts by regular visits to art exhibitions, but also by active honing of my skills in drawing and painting. This was especially possible during my career in Cologne, which in the 1980s was the unofficial center of German art. In Lübeck und Kiel, unfortunately, my artistic life was placed largely on hold for lack of time. Though I did not spurn my art, I certainly neglected her. As a consequence, to paraphrase Robert Frost, for many years I "had a lover’s quarrel with my art". Only my retirement has allowed me to fully rekindle my life as an artist – a second life without limitations of time or opportunity.

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